Frequently Asked Questions

What is Search Engine Optimization ?

Search Engine Optimization , commonly referred to as SEO, is the practice of modifying websites , and other specialty web pages to be looked upon favorably by the search engine algorithms. Thereby positioning  a URL in the forefront of “SERP” [ search engine results pages ]. Addressing SEO is vital if you want to be found readily on the internet.

What is a Mobile Responsive Site ?

A responsive site is website specifically coded to adapt to display on a mobile device when necessary.

When the site is displayed on home computer the site performs conventionally. When a end-user calls for a website while on a mobile phone or tablet, the site conforms to the confines to the mobile screen.

The end-user is still able to scroll through the elements of the webpages and see all the information.

Search Engine inquiries by the public are now over fifty percent of the traffic. If your site is not specifically coded to be responsive, then you are missing a significant amount of traffic from your customer base.

What is Voice Search ?

Just as people have trended towards searching on their phones, now there is a very strong trend to use voice commands only. A website must be specifically configured to be indexed by the search engines for voice search inquiries. The trend towards voice searches now is strong. Just as it makes sense to configure every site to be mobile device adaptable , it also is wise to ensure your site will be put forth in voice search.

What is Email Marketing and how can it benefit me ?

People gravitate towards businesses that they know and are familiar with. With email marketing a business can keep in touch with their customer base. Email marketing will maintain vital brand awareness .

What is affiliate marketing and how can it be used to promote my business ?

The potential of the internet is profound. Reaching vast numbers of potential customers and clients is possible in an unprecedented manner. There is a army of entrepreneurs world wide who recognize this and have learned the art and science of affiliate marketing. Any company can adopt an affiliate program and leave a large part of their marketing to their affiliates. Relatively inexpensive software is available to track all affiliates and assign them their affiliate tagged URLs.

There is little cost to a company to integrate a affiliate program.  The independent affiliates determine their own advertising and promotion budgets. There is little cost or  management required to incorporate an affiliate program, relative to its potential for income.

What is Indexing ?

Search engines use intelligence software robots to scan sites. It interprets the concept of the site and what information is being conveyed. This information is stored in an index at the search engine. When someone submits a search using a keyword or keyword phrase , the search engine refers to its own index and retrieves and displays what it thinks is the closest match to the inquiry. This is why what you say on your website is as important as what your business does.

Can I dominate search engine results with my website ?

Yes you can with a careful executed plan. Linking to social media and other important authority sites, along with other methods, will create the profile the algorithms are looking to index in a primary status.