Promote your site

At this point in internet history just about everyone one knows they need a website.    There are many facets to a successful website. Many of the essentials are commonly overlooked.  The requirements for good search engine ranking change constantly.  Therefore a website is a dynamic entity, necessitating a strategy for frequent content maintenance.

As of this writing there are just under two billion individual websites.  They pour onto the internet by the thousands twenty four  hours a day, every day.     Now the internet has become an ultra competitive platform. To get in front of the thousands of sites it will take some heavy duty technical expertise and persistent work.
That is what has led to the emergence of the search engine optimization movement.

Search Engine Optimization, or as it is commonly referred to “SEO”.You want to get in front of your customers then you need a plan. The first thing to realize is when the search engines review your site, they expect to find links to many other webpages outside of this one website. That is primarily how a search engine judges a site.